How to Keep Your Hair Color From Fading in the Summer

Making sure that your new hair color doesn’t fade during these hot summer days can become a real challenge. Being exposed to the sun’s rays almost every day effects your hair color. This is how you can slow the process of fading.

Less Heat Styling

Heat styling is your hair’s biggest enemy. Excessive heat styling will damage your hair and will also fade your color very quickly. If you really have to use a curling iron or a hair straightner, make sure to use a heat protectant.

Don’t Overwash

During hot summer days, you should avoid washing your hair every single day, because this way the hair loses all the natural oils it needs. Depending on your hair type and lifestyle, it’s best to wash it one to three times per week.

Deep Condition

Hydrated hair is less prone to fading than dry and damaged hair. This is why it’s best to deep condition your hair as often as possible to provide it with all the nourishing ingredients it needs.

Wear a Hat

You already know that the sun will naturally lighten you hair. Wearing a hat when you go out is the easiest way to protect your hair.