Italian Pantry Staples Are Easy But Essential for Quick Meals!

Photo by Elli O. on Unsplash

Italian food is the best way to make quick, yummy and nourishing food in a pinch. The best part of Italian food is that to make it delicious you really just need a few fresh elements and a well-stocked pantry, so make sure you keep all these items on hand at all times!

Canned Tomatoes

From sauces to stews and beyond, canned tomatoes are an absolute essential. Whole peeled are always the tomato of choice since they have the best flavor, but whatever you have in your pantry will do in a pinch.


If you store garlic in a cool dark place, you can make it last for a long time! And that’s a good thing because Italian food is nothing without plenty of garlic. Whether you like to microplane it into your food or slice it thin and fry it in oil, garlic brings out the best in any dish.


Though it might seem obvious, a lot of people only keep one kind of pasta in their pantry, when you really should have a few kinds. Each type of pasta goes with a certain sauce, so it’s better to have a few on hand.