Keeping a Dream Journal is Fun!

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Keeping a dream journal might seem silly at first, but how many times have you woken up after a really good or really bad dream and then instantly forgotten it? Keeping a dream journal allows you to write down your dreams right after they have happened so you can reflect back on what your dreams are trying to tell you, as well as keep track of patterns you might be having.

When To Do It

The best time to write down your dreams is immediately after you get up because you can quickly forget big and small details about your dream. Even if you are good at remembering the big concepts, the small details will surely slip away from you the longer you wait. Keep your journal and a pen by your bed and start writing as soon as you turn off your alarm.


You don’t have to worry so much as the order that you write the dream down in, just try to get out everything you can remember. Even if it at first you do not remember much, the more often you write the better you will get at remembering your dreams, and the better you’ll get at remembering the sequence as well.

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