Why You Need to Defrost Your Freezer

Photo by Dev on Unsplash

No matter what, you really need to defrost your freezer when the ice inside of it becomes 1/4 of an inch thick. At this point, your freezer has so much ice built up that there will not only be less room for your food, but your freezer won’t be working as well and will not maintain it’s temperature. So, to keep your freezer running smoothly, here are some tips on how to defrost it.

First of all, unplug your freezer. Then, take out all the food from it. If you do this in winter, you can probably save most of your food by putting in a box outside where it will stay cold. If not, try to do this at a time where you won’t need the fridge or freezer for a while, like before you go on vacation.

Then, just keep the door open and allow the ice to melt. Put lots of towels around your freezer so when the ice melts it won’t leave your kitchen floor a mess. If you want to speed up the process, put pots of hot water in the freezer for 10 minutes at a time to help the ice melt faster. Just make sure to put a pot holder under the pots.