Most Popular Kids’ Party Themes For 2019

Planning a party for kids these days is just as intense as planning a wedding. If you are always on the search for great ideas, we bring you some of the most popular kids’ party themes for 2019. These are all fun and easy to recreate.


Superheroes are so huge right now, especially among kids. Who wouldn’t love to be Superman? Girls will also be obsessed with their Superwoman costume and theme for the party. It can be for a birthday or any other occasion.


Welcome to a new pink wonderland. Young girls will really go crazy over one of the most popular kids’ party themes for 2019. It is everything they’ve ever imagined and more. If it’s a birthday, the cake can be a very colorful unicorn.


Emojies are such a big obsession. They can work for both girls and boys. Whether you’re celebrating their birthday or another event, everyone will be enjoying the emoji-themed party.


For some reason, kids are very intrigued by pirates. If you want to throw them a surprise party, make it a pirate one. It is equally fun for both young ladies and guys. You can even hand out small eye patches to make things more realistic.