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We usually turn to celebrities when looking for pointers about the latest trends in the world of fashion and beauty, but what about home décor? Some celebs enjoy sharing photos from their homes on Instagram, and it...
Fashion and beauty trends sometimes come from pretty unexpected places. Music videos of our favorite artists gave us a couple of pretty amazing style ideas this summer, and here’s a few everyone wanted to try.
Lockdowns and social distancing measures significantly changed the way we approach fitness in the last few months. Gyms are reopening again, but they no longer look the way we remember them, and these three new trends are...
Cottagecore is one of the most surprising trends to emerge in the era of social distancing, and it’s basically a romantic take on farm life. Most people are embracing it by wearing prairie-inspired fashion items, but welcoming...
Olivia Culpo is one of the most popular models on Instagram and her feed will always be an amazing source of fashion inspiration. Check out her take on some of the summer’s biggest fashion trends.
Justine Marjan is one of the most popular hairstylists on Instagram, and we can always count on her to introduce us to the latest hair trends—including these five. Baby Hairs
Tie-dye print is one of the biggest fashion trends of the year, and we’ll be seeing it everywhere this summer. If you still haven’t embraced this trend with open arms, consider getting one of these five items.
Summer always brings a bunch of colorful and fun nail art ideas along, and Instagram is the best place to find them. Here’s a couple of vibrant trends that will perfectly complement your summer outfits.
Summer is finally here, and so are some amazing home décor trends you should welcome into your life. If you’re in the mood to give your house a total makeover, here’s a couple of great ideas.
One-colored outfits have been all the rage in the fashion world for some time, and no one likes them better than Winnie Harlow. Check out some of her best monochrome looks so far. Tie-Dye

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