Nature Inspired Tattoos That Look Stunning

Tattoos are long-term artworks that stay with you for your entire life. For some people, tattoos are symbols of memories and important events that happened in the past. As nature tattoos can be timeless pieces that can match almost any clothing that you wear, tattoos of trees, flora and fauna, and sunset skies are all great pieces to get on your body if you want to immortalize nature.

Here are a few hand-picked tattoos that you can gain inspiration from if you’re thinking about going under the needle.

Plants and Wraparound Branches

Getting an armband tattoo can be representative of your favorite plant leaves. They’re delicate pieces that look effortless on your arms. This design is a gentle piece that says a lot without being too big.

Flower Ink

This chrysanthemum is a statement piece that serves as the center of this arm sleeve. Sometimes outlines work even without shading because of the bold lines. Showcase your appreciation for mother nature by tattooing a flower on your skin.

Geometric Minimal

If you’re not too huge into big nature pieces, try going for a small minimal nature tattoo. We’re digging this single needle tattoo that showcases someone’s love for camping.