“Step Mullet” is the Most Unexpected Hair Trend of the Summer

Dramatic chops are all the rage this summer, but the latest retro hair trend is putting a spin on this craze. “Step Mullet” is becoming increasingly popular these days, and here’s what this trend is all about.

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This viral hairstyle features a blunt chop in the front with longer hair in the back. If you’re daring enough to get this hairstyle, you’ll have to cut your hair in two (or even three!) well-defined tiers of different length to get the signature textured look.

The term “Step Mullet” was coined by Masami Hosono, the creative director at the popular NYC hair salon Vacancy Project, who discussed this emerging trend with Teen Vogue.

“It’s very interesting because most hair trends come from 60-80s but I feel like Step Mullet is a 00’s thing. I really think it comes from people who cut their own hair… Kind of accident based, DIY, just chopped your step with kitchen scissors,” Hosono explained.

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Wash, Cut, Style by Sonny

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