Should You Order Vegan Food at Fast-Food Restaurants?

Photo by Boshoku on Unsplash

Plant-based food experienced a huge boom in recent years, and you find it pretty much everywhere these days. Even the major fast-food chains, such as Burger King and McDonald’s, added vegan items to their menus, but there are a few things you should know before eating them.

Healthy Properties

If you’re eating plant-based food because it’s healthier than the alternatives, that’s not always the case with vegan fast food. It’s usually deep-fried and high in calories and fats, so think twice before eating it.

Animal Cruelty

Many people go vegan due to animal cruelty concerns, so it’s worth keeping in mind that fast-food chains play a huge role in animal exploitation, even when plant-based options are available on their menus.


Cross-contamination is also a huge risk when eating vegan food at fast-food restaurants. Even though all the main ingredients are plant-based, it’s highly likely they’ll get into contact with non-vegan ingredients because they’re usually not handled separately.

Still Worth a Shot?

Despite all its downsides, ordering vegan fast food could still be worth a shot because it sends a message to major chains they should add more plant-based options to the menu and embrace better practices when it comes to its preparation.