The Best Places to ATV for the Adventure Enthusiast

Photo by Elievan Junior on Unsplash

If you are an adventure enthusiast and a thrill seeker, you probably live for ATV expeditions. Lucky for you, we have compiled a short list of some of the best ATV destinations to satisfy any adventure junkie’s cravings.

Atlas Mountains, Morocco

The Atlas Mountains are another exceptional place to enjoy fast off-roading, drink mint tea in the middle of the desert, or camp. The site offers endless desert terrain making it the ultimate spot for an ATV trip and sand surfing with beautiful views of this North African gem.

Moab, Utah

The vastness of the Moab desert in Utah stands alone, with its red rock landscape, rugged terrain, and challenging trails. The desert attracts riders from all around the world and is the perfect place to go on an outdoor adventure and for a scenic adrenaline rush.

Sardinian Countryside, Italy

Heading toward Europe, this is the ultimate destination for off-roading with rugged coastal views and terrain. Italy is the quintessential destination for fans who enjoy adventure with a side of wine, pasta, and natural landscapes.

New Zealand

New Zealand will offer riders a unique riding experience filled with lush green forests with a backdrop of stunning landscapes.


Trekking through local villages and jungles in Chang Mai will offer riders a fun taste of the local culture, nature, and beauty of Thailand.