3 Most Beautiful Beaches in Spain

Playa de Bolonia, Tarifa, España
Playa de Bolonia, Tarifa, España. Photo by Valerio Emiliani on Unsplash

Dreaming of a postcard-perfect vacation? With over 8,000 kilometers of coastline, Spain should be at the top of your list. Spain is one of the countries with the most Blue Flag beaches in the world, which means pristine conditions almost every day. Let’s take a look at some of the most beautiful destinations the country has to offer.

Playa de Ses Illetes, Formentera

A part of the Natural Park of Ses Salines, Playa de Ses Illetes is a perfect spot for nature lovers. The shallow waters make it ideal for swimming and the views are absolutely incredible. In fact, this beach is often compared to the Caribbean beaches.

Playa de Bolonia, Tarifa

Located on the southern tip of Spain, near Tarifa, Playa de Bolonia is a breathtaking stretch of unspoiled coastline within the Estrecho Natural Park. Plus, you can explore the stunning Baelo Claudia Roman ruins while you’re there. A unique combination of beach vacation and history. 

La Concha Beach, San Sebastián

Situated in the heart of San Sebastián in the Basque Country, La Concha Beach is famous for its stunning cityscape backdrop and crescent shape. You’ll find lush green hills on one side and the city’s elegant promenade on the other. It’s a unique blend of natural beauty and urban sophistication.