The Coolest Roller Skaters on Instagram

If you’ve been paying attention to internet trends this year, you may have noticed the surging popularity of roller skating. A perfect hobby for lockdown times, there’s no better time to give roller skating a try. If you’re looking for some influencers to follow on Instagram that will inspire you, here are some of the coolest ones around.


Creator of TikTok-favorite candy-colored roller skate brand Moxi, Estrojen (real name Michelle Steilen) is an absolute hero on roller skates. Don’t believe somebody can do a backflip on skates while looking amazing? Estro will prove you wrong.


A perfect combination of edgy style and athletic ability, kianayouwanna can do things on skates most of us can’t do in shoes.

Bomba Hache

Hailing from Barcelona, Bomba Hache’s roller skating style is like a combination of parkour and flying.


Looking for a skater with an attitude? Ivey is the definition of no hair, don’t care roller skating ability. Talk about fearless.


In the Venn diagram of style and skills, Argentinian roller skater Barbara Luciana is right in the middle. No wonder she was tapped to partner with skate brand Chaya to design her own park skates.