“The Financial Diet” Shows You Little Ways to Feel Richer Than You Are

The Financial Diet is a Youtube channel dedicated to discussing personal finance with young people who are often confused about money.

The creators Chelsea Fagan and Lauren Ver Hage hit just the right spot when they started their channel two years ago and today they have nearly 680,000 subscribers.

In the video below, Fagan talks about 21 luxuries that you can totally afford that will help you feel richer and live a more fulfilling life.

After all, what does being rich means? Is it the money you have in the bank or the way you live your life? Fagan’s tips will help you see that you can treat yourself with little things such as fresh food, nice plates and glasses, and a subscription to your favorite service without compromising your saving goals or jeopardizing your financial future in any way.

Watch the video below to learn about 21 little luxuries that make you feel richer than you are.