These Are Some of the Most Unique Hotels In the World

Image via gfarre/Instagram

Real travelers are always up for an adventure. The place where you stay has also a big impact on how you spend your vacation. These are some of the most unique hotels in the world that you have to see to believe. Strange or amazing, decide for yourself.

Montana Magica Lodge, Chile

Located in Chile, this magnificent creation is not like anything you’ve seen before. It is a compilation of a rainforest, mountain, and a volcano. All of that in a single hotel!

Hobbit Motel, New Zealand

Gather Lord Of The Rings fans! We have just the right hotel for you. You will find the Hobbit Motel in New Zealand, which is a country with the most amazing nature ever. The two hobbit houses are a bit higher than the original, so that even the taller people who visit will be able to walk around freely.

Grand Canyon Caverns, US

Did you know that you can sleep inside a cavern? For $800 per night, this wish can come true. You will be going 210m underground for this amazing room.

V8 Hotel Motorworld, Germany

Stuttgart brings you the Motoworld Hotel, with the craziest beds ever! Talk about unique. You can go to bed in some super-cool cars so that you can have the smoothest ride through your dreams.