Things to Never Wear to a Wedding

Things are much more relaxed these days than they used to be and many people won’t be bothered by the way you dress for their wedding, but there are still some unwritten rules you should follow because it’s simply polite.

Don’t Wear White

White or any other light color dresses should really be off the table. Yes, they are cute, but no, they are not appropriate for someone else’s wedding, especially today when many brides go with simple white dresses instead of wedding gowns.

No Jeans

They are simply too casual for any special event, let alone someone’s wedding. You can wear them any other day anyway.

Guys, Please Don’t Wear Shorts

Even on the hottest summer day, you should stick with pants. There are plenty of lightweight options to choose from.

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No Rips and Holes

Even when they are intentionally placed on the garment, they simply have no place at a wedding. If you want to show some skin, go for a shorter dress or a stylish cutout.