Top 7 Tricks by Makeup Experts for Applying Foundation

Photo by Malvestida Magazine on Unsplash

The very base of every girl’s makeup routine is the foundation. It’s crucial to apply it in the right way so the rest of your look will be flawless. Keep reading to learn what are the top 7 foundations tricks makeup experts use and you can, too.


Before you start applying foundation, don’t forget your primer! It will make your skin smoother and readier to blend the foundation.

Pay attention to the amount

You don’t need a ton of foundation everywhere. Focus on the area around your eyes and nose and blend towards your hair/neck with a beauty blender.

5 drops rule

You can also use a foundation brush instead of a beauty blender. Just put five drops of foundation on your face – on your cheeks, forehead, chin and neck and blend in a circular motion.

Make it dewy

For a popular dewy effect, start your makeup routine with a face oil. Apply the oil, then apply primer and after that go with the foundation. You’ll love the end result!

Too thick?

If your foundation is too thick and “heavy” for your face, you can always dissolve it with a little bit of water.


For a completely natural, no-makeup look, add a bit of foundation into your face cream. This is a perfect tip for cold, winter days.

Avoid setting powder

If you use setting powder to fix your makeup throughout the day, you’ll end up with a heavy look. Use setting powder only once (while applying makeup) and opt for blotting papers during the day if there’s a need.