Take a Look Inside Tory Burch’s Garden-Inspired Home Collection

Image via toryburch/Instagram

Tory Burch’s home collection is constantly expanding, and she recently partnered up with Moda Operandi to drop another range of new products. Their latest line features a series of pretty impressive tableware pieces and vintage objects.

In addition to featuring a series of new items, this collaboration brings Burch’s latest home collection to Moda Operandi – including her signature Dodie Thayer lettuce ware.

It also includes a collection of 50 “found object”, personally sourced by the designer. They originate from different countries and time periods and were collected by Burch during her global travels.

Famous designer also used this collaboration to drop a brand new line of floral linens, inspired by her favorite childhood prints.

“Wild poppies are one of my favorite flowers and one of my memories from the farm where I grew up. They’re the perfect flower to make a bold impact,” said Tory Burch while chatting with Vogue.