Travel Accounts to Follow on Instagram for Endless Inspiration

Filling your Instagram feed with content that inspires you is so important! After all, you want to feel better when you close your phone, not worse. To help you stay inspired, here are some great travel accounts to check out. 


Matthew Karsten, known as @expertvagabond, is a true adventurer. His Instagram is a blend of heart-racing experiences, off-the-beaten-path destinations, and awe-inspiring photography. From diving with sharks in the Galapagos to trekking through remote jungles, his feed is an endless source of inspiration for the adventurous soul.


Emilie Ristevski’s @helloemilie is a dreamy escape into ethereal landscapes and quiet moments. Her photography is characterized by soft hues, dreamlike settings, and serenity that transports you to destinations around the world. From misty mountains to sunny beaches, her feed is a poetic narrative of beauty.


Kiersten Rich, or @theblondeabroad, specializes in solo female travel and offers a glimpse into vibrant cultures and stunning locations around the world. Her feed is a mix of colorful cityscapes, sunny beaches, and insightful travel tips. Whether she’s exploring international markets or relaxing on quiet islands, her content inspires both adventure and practical advice for solo travelers.