Natural Ways to Calm Anxiety

Woman reading
Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

If you struggle with anxiety, you are certainly not alone. Many struggle with anxiety and the trouble it causes. However, there are many healthy and natural ways to deal with anxiety when it strikes, that you may want to look into. Keep reading for a few recommendations.

Meditation and Yoga

Practicing mindfulness through practices such as yoga and meditation has been proven to ease the symptoms of anxiety, keeping you in the moment and allowing you to focus on your breathing.


Running is a truly meditative experience, that allows you to get lost mile after mile. Whether you run with or without music, running is sure to calm an anxious mind and bring you back down to earth. If you are new to running, try jumping on the treadmill and working your way up.


Journaling is an introspective experience that allows you to reflect on your thoughts and experiences so they do not continue to lay dormant. It is important to be able to process many of the stressors that may be contributing to your anxiety and address them one by one.

Arts and Crafts

Engaging in artistic activities such as adult coloring books, painting, is a calming experience, because it brings you into the moment, helps focus you, and allow your creative energy to flow.