“Truly” is the Latest Brand In Sustainable Fashion We’re Hyped For

Truly is the latest brand we’re hyped about when it comes to sustainable fashion. Why? Because they are using seaweed to create their clothes.

At Beautiful Trends Today, we love fashion but we also care about the environment. We are therefore delighted to see that more and more brands are going sustainable so we can enjoy our fashion while being ethically conscious.

From pineapple leather to mushroom and hemp, our minds have been blown by all the innovative ideas designers have been coming up with to reduce their carbon footprints.

Now, Truly have been added to our list for the simple fact that they are creating their clothing out of seaweed.

To make the material, Truly crush dry seaweed and incorporate it into cellulose fiber. The renewable resource is free from chemicals and the brand use eco-friendly methods to create their biodegradable products.

Tara Capp, the Founder & Creative Director said: “We have been working hard to ensure that we deliver more to our customers than merely beautiful products and so we’re really excited to launch our new SS19 SeaCell knitwear collection.”

“We’re the first brand to use this innovative material in a fashion collection in the UK, which is a huge honor. The environmentally sound fiber offers maximum comfort, is great for the planet and benefits the body and overall health so it was a natural choice.”

You can shop the collection here.