Unusual Items that Last Longer in Your Fridge and Freezer!

Your fridge and freezer are actually a lot handier than you might think, so start storing these items in there!


For some reason, disposable batteries keep their charge longer if you put them in a cool dark place where the temperature is consistent. For this reason, the fridge is the perfect place to stick them, and gives you more incentive to buy in bulk knowing they’ll actually last!

Eye Cream

If you’re someone who is really on it about their face routine, you might want to start putting that eye cream of yours in the fridge! Not only does the cold help keep the lotion longer, but the coldness is always good for puffiness, which means when you put on that cold eye cream you’ll look even better!


A lot of people have a spice rack or even a spice drawer in their kitchens, but in reality, you should really be keeping them in the freezer! This makes the spices last a whole lot longer while maintaining their original flavors.


If you’re someone who doesn’t use butter on a regular basis, don’t keep it in the fridge! Throw it into the freezer and you’ll be able to keep it for 6-9 months!