Vibrant Painted Stairs to Amp Up Your Home Decor

There is always more than you can do with your home, even if it’s only small details! We have a great idea on how you can upgrade the look of your staircase. Have you ever thought of getting painted stairs? These four ideas below are all you need to see and be convinced.

Blooming Stairs

Each time you don’t know what to do with the stairs, try this simple, but stunning approach. Flowers make everyone feel better. they can be super-vibrant, or dark and rich such as the ones on the picture.

Black & White

These two colors are so amazing because you can create so many eye-catching patterns. Start thinking of interesting prints that will really have everyone obsessed with your painted stairs.


Isn’t it fun that you have all the stairs painted in a completely different hue? You can pick a single color and play with all the shades in the range


The more colors you use, the happier the room will be. It’s as simple as that. All you need is to decide which print you want to get painted. Geometric patterns are very trendy right now, which means you have a chance to include them in your home.