These Wooden Watches Are The Big Fall Trend

Image via plantwear/Instagram

If you are into natural things, and you just want to differ from others this fall, then this watch made out of wood is the perfect accessorize for you.

Planetwear is an Amsterdam based shop which makes its products out of wood. The idea of handcrafting wooden watches was born in 2013. and the story still goes on strong. They use natural and raw materials and besides watches, they make phone cases, sunglasses, rings, and even cards or vouchers.

They don’t use much wood, but every piece they manufacture comes from FSC (Forest Stewardship Council), which means that the trees in the forest have to be cut down every so often to make room for new ones in order to preserve other animals or plants living there. In exchange, the Planetwear company plants trees, about 50 a month, in a tropical forest in Brazil.

This beautiful, timeless fashion accessorize comes in various colors, with classic and modern style. It is also unisex, so everyone can wear it. On the watch there is a wooden bracelet, however, if desired, it can be replaced with a faux leather one.