You Can Use an Afro Pick For Much More Than Just Hair!

Photo by amstockphoto

An afro pick is an essential hair tool for many people, but did you know it can also help you hack your way into some neat treats? Get yourself a pick and see how much it can help around the house!

Kitchen Tool

While it might be hard to imagine using an afro pick in the kitchen, it’s actually a lot more useful than you think. What you can do is stick the afro pick into a piece of fruit, a vegetable, or even a cut of meat and slice it up into perfectly even slices by cutting between the prongs. This is great if you don’t have the best knife skills, and especially if you have a child that wants to start helping you out in the kitchen! An afro pick with metal prongs is just the thing for the job.


Rugs with fringe on the end are really cute, and can really jazz up space. However, once the fringes start to tangle or go in every direction, it’s hard to make them go back to the way they were. But, if you have an afro pick around, you don’t have to worry! All you have to do is comb the fringe as you would hair and they’ll be back to new in seconds.