16 Pieces of Advice I would Give My 16-Year-Old Self

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Being a teenager is equally the worst as it is the best. Here are sixteen pieces of advice I wish I had known to make the journey a little easier.

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Especially books that other people have given to you. Giving someone a book you love is like giving someone a part of yourself. Respect the gesture, even if you have doubts over the novel.

Study Harder

School is a chance to find out what you like and where you shine. Give every subject your best effort because the more you learn, the more opportunities you have to succeed.

Be Nicer to Mom

She’s trying her best and you’ll wish you had treated her with more respect when you’re older.

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Be Kinder to Your Friends

It’s easy to get caught up in the he-said/she-said school environment but treat your friends with kindness and patience. They will be your best link to your past when you grow up.

Be Kinder to Yourself

You’re trying your best. Treat yourself as you would your closest friend.

Love Your Body

This might be a tricky one but your body is your superpower. Don’t get bogged down about what other people think of it and practice body positivity always.

Don’t Compare Yourself to Other Girls

Trust me, this isn’t good for you or your friends.

Listen to Music You Love

Music you love is music that makes you feel amazing. It’s not the music you think your crush will be impressed by.

Spend More Time With The Family

Parties are fun but one day you’ll be missing mom’s cooking and play fighting with your siblings. Get as much of it as you can in now.

Be Patient With Those That Give Advice

You don’t even need to follow it. People who give advice have usually learned from a mistake they made and don’t want you to go through the same thing.

Keep a Journal

No matter how much you think you’ll remember the events that are happening right now, you’ll forget.

Take Up a New Hobby

You might feel like you have no time, but you do. Learn a language, practice guitar or join a new afterschool club. Now’s the time to find out more about what you love.

Don’t Invest So Much Energy In Romantic Relationships

The time for that will come. Now is the time to hang out with your friends.

Tidy Your Room

It’s not worth the arguments with your mom. And you secretly like it better tidy anyway.

Get Work Experience

Trust me on this. You’ll want something to put on your CV when you finish school, even if it’s just a paper round.

Don’t Rush to Grow Up So Fast

It’s great to want to reach toward new things and even take on more responsibility. Mostly though, try and enjoy being 16. Don’t feel pressure to be more “grown-up” and do whatever it is your friends are doing. You will get there in your own time and for now, just enjoy the ride.