3 Alternatives to Joining a Gym This January

Photo by Marcelo Uva on Unsplash

It’s a classic move for people to join a gym in January. That post-Christmas feeling can motivate people to get more active, and the bad weather means going for a run is not so appealing. But many people find gyms either boring or intimidating, so here are three alternative ways to exercise this winter.

Going for Some Bike Rides

This is of course weather-dependent, but cycling is a lot less daunting in the cold than something like running. You can wrap up warm and enjoy the fresh air and cool breeze as you take in the wintery views around you. This is a great activity to enjoy solo or in a group.


Swimming is an incredible exercise for your whole body while being gentle on the joints. There’s something very relaxing and satisfying about being in the water as well, and you can switch off your thoughts and let yourself get into the rhythm of the movement. It’s hard to find a form of exercise that’s as energy-burning as it is calming. 

Joining a Dance Class

Dance of any form is great exercise, and joining a dance class not only gives you the chance to learn some moves and skills but is also a lovely social activity.