3 Stretches to Add to Your Morning

Photo by Rfstudio on Pexels

Stretching in the morning is great for limbering up the body ready for the rest of the day. You don’t have to do an entire yoga routine, so here are three basic stretches to get you started.

Reaching to the Sky

Simply stand with your feet a shoulder’s width apart. Put both hands in the air and stretch upwards. Don’t overdo it, as this will just be uncomfortable. You’ll feel your spine stretching up which is ideal as you’ll likely spend the rest of the day with it slightly hunched, so it’s great to get in some stretching first thing.

Touching the Toes

You’ll want to start in a similar position to the above, standing with feet a shoulder’s width apart. Then gently bend over to reach your toes. Don’t worry if you can’t actually touch your toes, this kind of thing can be worked towards over time with gentle practice. The main aim of this is to give the legs a good stretch.

Twisting the Back

Having reached up and then down, the only thing left is to twist to allow the back to ease out any tension and tightness. Again, you don’t want to overdo it, just twist to each side so you’re facing directly to the side, hold it, and then gently twist back to the center.