5 Cruelty-Free Alternatives to Leather

Photo by Daniela Cuevas on Unsplash

Sustainable fashion is the latest trend that has no intention of going away. It’s time to rethink our consumption habits and start swapping exotic skins and leather for more environmentally friendly alternatives.

Fortunately, making swaps does not mean giving up leather for good. There are plenty of gorgeous alternatives to the skin and we bet you’ve never even heard of some of them. Here’s the list.


Waste pineapple leaves can be transformed into a gorgeous fake leather called Pinatex. It’s not only cruelty-free but makes use of fruit waste and helps local farmers make extra income.


Cork is biodegradable and can be harvested without having to cut down the tree, making it a highly sustainable choice.

Wine Leather

Wine leather is a particularly surprising alternative. The seeds and stalks from wine grapes can be used to create a pretty gorgeous fake leather.


Mushroom leather is one of our favorite new alternatives as it is entirely sustainable. Brands have started using fungi to bioengineer a special material called Mylo and turning it into lush leather bags.


Someone figured out that dehydrated apple cores and peel can be turned into leather material. We truly are living in the future.