5 Things Worth Keeping in Mind Before Investing in Beauty Advent Calendars

Advent calendar
Photo by Elena Mozhvilo on Unsplash

If you’re a makeup and skincare enthusiast looking for a fun way to count down the days to Christmas, beauty advent calendars will get you there. All major beauty brands have them in store this holiday season, and here are five things worth considering before buying one.

Right Brand

You shouldn’t experiment too much when buying beauty advent calendars and stick to the trusted brands that you already enjoy.

Products Involved

Beauty advent calendars are like a box of chocolate—you never know what you’re gonna get…or do you? Some of them feature product descriptions on the packaging so you can make sure they’re actually worth it.

Money Talk

One of the best things about beauty advent calendars is that they offer great value for money, but are they always worth the price? If you’re not going to use all the products you find, the answer is usually no.

Sample Sizes

Don’t expect any full packages inside your advent calendar. They’re notorious for featuring sample products in tiny bottles that you can usually only use a few times.

Give or Keep?

Despite all their flaws, beauty advent calendars are a pretty great holiday gift, but what if you’re buying them for yourself? They might be worth it for the elements of surprise, but you should also be prepared to stumble upon a few disappointing products.