Areas in Your Home to Clean For the Beginning of the New Year

The beginning of a new year is always the best time to make some changes in our lives, to get rid of bad habits, and to start the year with a clean slate. Before you make any drastic changes, we suggest you start this year by deep cleaning and organizing your home. This will make you feel better and ready to fight any other battle!


Most people forget to clean their refrigerator on a regular basis and this is quite important in order to prevent the spread of bacteria. Empty your fridge and make sure to properly clean all shelves and drawers. You can place an open box of baking soda or coffee grounds at the end – this will absorb any odor left in the fridge.

Those Sneaky Areas

Fan blades, blinds, dust ruffle, lightbulbs, air vents – these are all hidden parts of the apartment that we usually forget to clean. That’s why they’re probably very dusty at this point, so make sure to clean and sanitize these areas.

You File Cabinet

Organizing your file cabinets is pretty time-consuming, which is why we often skip this part of cleaning. Make sure you start this year ready by going through your files and organizing them – toss any document and paper that you don’t need anymore and sort-out the rest.