Surprising Benefits of Using a Wooden Hair Brush

If you really cherish your hair, you know how tricky it can be to pick the perfect brush – but you can go no wrong with wooden variations. This hair essential comes with a series of benefits that never crossed your mind.

Mini Massage

If you happen to have a sensitive scalp, a wooden hairbrush is a way to go. It will give you a mini massage every time you comb your hair – and make it stronger at the same time.

No Static

Plastic brushes tend to increase the electrical charge of your hair, and make it all frizzy. You can avoid this by buying wooden variation, since they barely produce any static.

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Thrilled to bits about my new #plasticfree hairbrush (and the tiny pink roses blooming in my backyard). . Example 5,679,899 that there's an un-plastic answer to EVERYTHING. Seek and you will find. . The un-plastic alternative is aaaaalways prettier. Always. . This brush was handmade in Italy, using all natural materials: handle of FSC 100% certified ash wood (ie wood from well-managed forests) treated with linseed oil and beeswax, pins made of hornbeam wood (FSC 100% certified) and a pure rubber cushion. Entirely biodegradable when it's days are done. Which won't be for a long, long time. . Even the all-paper packaging this beauty by @tekbrushes came in is awesome👌 . Though the discovery of beautiful, natural alternatives is exciting – its never a good idea to ditch the old plastic stuff in place of the prettier, plastic-free things. Use it up and wear it out! And then, when the time comes to replace it. . .THEN research the best possible alternative. . Me and my crazy mane have gotten by without a hairbrush for ages. Brushing turns my thick, curly hair into a frizz-bomb. So I've gotten by with just running my fingers through my hair when wet. But as part of my new regiment to reduce shampoo & conditioner use, I'm trying to take better, proper care of my hair – and since hair-brushing stimulates scalp circulation and distributes the scalps natural oils – brushing is part of the plan. Here goes. . #plasticfreeonmv #lifewithoutplastic #plasticfreelife #plasticpollution #noplasticplease #womanversusplastic #protestplastic . #zerowaste #zerowastemarthasvineyard #zerowastehome #zerodechet #goingzerowaste #zerowastelife #zerowastelifestyle #zerowastekids . #woodenhairbrush #woodbrush

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Natural Conditioner

Wooden fibers will do wonders for your hair, because they work as natural conditioner.  They’ll do a great job distributing your natural oils, while making your hair soft and moisturized.

Prevents Breakage

Wooden bristles are usually wide and soft, and they’ll glide through your hair with ease, without breaking it in the process.