Even More Fall Nail Trends You Need to Try

Don’t get us wrong. We love the extravagant nail trends that start popping up on Instagram around this time of year but Picasso nails? Really? They look amazing on the catwalk but when it comes to painting our nails, we still have trouble staying inside the lines.

Here are seven fall nail trends for people who want to try something new but like us, still need to get their mom to do their right hand.

Spooky Nail Art

How cute are these spooky Halloween nails? Unlike a lot of nail art, these adorable ghosts are actually pretty easy to achieve from home.

Ombre Nails

Ombre isn’t just for your hair. Acrylics like these can be applied from home and they last longer because they grow out discreetly.

Matte Black

There’s a reason that the OPI Instagram account is filled with black nail polish now. It has nothing to do with Halloween and everything to do with fall fashion. There’s not really much you can get wrong here.

Autumn Colors

Our autumn color palette takes inspiration from the red and orange leaves that start falling to the ground at this time of the year. These shades are top of our list.

Liquid Nails

Liquid golds and silvers are trending right now. To get this exact look, you are going to need to buy acrylics. You can achieve something similar with shiny liquid polish.


Pastels are going to be on-trend next Spring but why can’t we start now? Pastel blues and pinks add a touch of cuteness to any outfit.

3/2 Nails

Last year, everyone started painting four nails the same color and doing something different with the final nail. For fall, people seem to be going for a 3/2 ratio.