How to Make the Perfect Reading Nook

Photo by Alisa Anton on Unsplash

A comfy chair, a warm blanket, a cup of your favorite hot beverage and a good book are sometimes all you need to feel your best. Readers love the concept of a reading nook, but many don’t think they can have one in their own home. There’s no reason you can’t have a corner dedicated to enjoying your favorite reads and here’s how to make one.

Even though it’s often called a reading “corner”, that doesn’t mean you have to put it in a corner of a room. Just make sure it’s close to a source of natural light, like a window or a balcony door. If you can’t do this (and even if you can, because of nights), you’ll need a good quality reading lamp that won’t tire your eyes easily.

A comfy chair is a must. If you want, you can put a footstool in front of it to rest your legs on. A small side table is very useful for putting away a tea or coffee cup.

We hope you’ll use your reading nook a lot this winter!