How to Tell if Your Houseplant Needs Water

Photo by Huy Phan on Unsplash

Houseplants are a beautiful addition to the home. They bring some lovely fresh green to your indoor space and liven up the room. However they do require some love and attention at times, and one of the most basic forms of this is water. It’s sometimes hard to tell if a plant needs water or something else, so here are a few tips to help with this conundrum. 

Are the Leaves Drooping?

If the leaves of the plant are considerably less upright than usual and seem a bit sad and floppy, then this is usually a clear indication that water is needed. 

How Does the Soil Feel?

This is the most accurate way to tell whether a plant needs water but is a bit grubby. You’ll need to stick your hand into the soil of the plant to feel its moisture content. If the soil feels damp and is clumping together, then your plant is probably well watered. However, if the soil is dry and crumbly, then this means watering is overdue. 

Are the Leaves Starting to Brown?

Brown leaves can often mean dehydration, but it’s also a common indicator of too much direct sunlight. If the leaves are browning, then use the above two tips to try to work out if it’s due to water or light conditions.