Ideas for a Mindful Nature Walk

Nature walk
Photo by Spencer Goggin on Unsplash

Mindfulness is a great way to be more present and insightful. It’s a practice that can be applied in any situation, and many people find it especially helpful as a way to appreciate the natural world more. A lovely activity to take advantage of this is a mindful walk, so here are some ideas for how to tap into this mindset.

Focus on the Sensation of Each Footstep

Walking can often feel like a way to get from one destination to another, but the physical process of walking is an incredible thing to take part in. With each footstep, try to acknowledge the power of your body in being able to move you around like this. Let yourself notice how each step feels, in your feet and the rest of your body.

Immerse Yourself in Your Surroundings

Whether you’re walking in a park, along a beach, or through a forest, really notice the sensory input around you. Focus on the detail of a tree trunk, or listen to the sound of children playing in a nearby park. It doesn’t matter what it is or whether you particularly love it, this practice is about being completely present and appreciating the immense variety of phenomena in the world around you.