Look Gorgeous with Magnetic Eyeliner

After seeing all kinds of fun and weird beauty trends, we shouldn’t be surprised by any new things that come out.

Still, the magnetic eyeliner is something that will wow many girls and we can safely predict that it will become a staple product in their collections.

We discovered it on Instagram after seeing a girl apply something that looks like an ordinary eyeliner and gets ready to apply her false eyelashes. The jaw-dropping moment happened when we saw that she doesn’t need any glue to attach the lashes on her lids — the eyeliner is actually magnetic and it helps hold the lashes in place!

It’s so simple yet looks like a magic trick. It takes away all the dreading steps of usual lash application, such as using the glue and trying to place them where you want them. The magnetic eyeliner helps the lashes snap in the right place in a second and there’s no glue that could go into your eye. Brilliant, isn’t it?