“Mushroom Blonde” is the Latest Hair Color Trend We’re Lusting After

The latest hair trend we are crushing on is “mushroom blonde” and according to Pinterest, it’s the hottest hair color trend right now.

Silver hair has been trending since as long as we can remember and more and more takes on grey locks have been popping up on our Instagrams than ever. From lavender locks to unicorn hair, we assumed we must have seen it all.

Although it initially doesn’t sound particularly dazzling, “mushroom blonde” is the latest take on the hair trend to join the bunch. According to Pinterest, searches for the shade are up by 308% and colorists are describing it as “universally flattering.”

The shade sits somewhere between a blonde and a brunette only instead of highlighting golden tones, it is much ashier and highlights grey and silver tones.

The look is achieved using a balayage or highlighting technique to take the warmth out of the hair and apply and blend darker colors. The versatility of the trend means that it can be adapted to flatter any skin tone. This is even more reason to give the hair trend the Beautiful Trends Today stamp of approval.