Pottery Barn’s New “Friends” Collection Will Be There For You

Pottery Barn rocked our world when they teased their Friends collection a couple of weeks ago. They sure kept us waiting, but this highly-anticipated range inspired by our favorite ‘90s sitcom is finally there for you!

The most talked-about item in the entire collection is apothecary coffee table modeled after the similar Pottery Barn product previously featured in 2000 episode “The One with the Apothecary Table”.

The collection also features a wide range of coffee cups and mugs, pillows, doormats, art prints, and tea towels, featuring quotes and clear references all true fans will immediately recognize.

Pottery Barn’s new collection hit the shelves just in time for show’s 25th anniversary, and they used it to mark this momentous occasion by giving the fans something truly special.

“The Pottery Barn assortment is a nod to the enduring popularity of the show, its cast of characters and nostalgic references, and it gives Friends fans yet another way to enjoy, relive and share their favorite moments,” said Pottery Barn president Marta Benson in a press release.