Sand and Sky’s Pink Clay Masks are Dreamy

Sky and Sand is a popular Australian brand of Clay Masks that have been making waves over Instagram. Their pink clay is eye-catching and moisturizing.

The best thing is that it’s perfect for sensitive skin. If you still have your doubts about it, they recommend doing a patch test 48 hours before use in the inner part of your elbow.

Here are a few reasons to try this Instagram crazed face mask.

No Nasties

Their products are made from pure Australian botanicals and natural ingredients so you can reap all its natural benefits. You won’t have to worry about chemicals seeping into your skin and they make sure to take out all the nasty chemicals and petrochemicals. Only the good stuff.

Cute Brush, Girl

One of the great things about Sand and Sky is that it comes with an applicator brush. Seldom do face masks carry applicator brushes and this mask just got an extra 10 points for throwing this beauty in. Say goodbye to germs being applied on your face – this brush is clean (just make sure to clean it after every use with a gentle brush cleanser)

Goes Great With Your Skincare

The awesome thing about Sand and Sky is that it can complement your skincare line perfectly well because of its a light pink color. It’s a must-have for your skincare routine plus it looks super cute.