Wooden Rings are a Beautiful, Natural Accessory

Have you ever thought of wood being used as an accessory? Well, hopefully, this article will inspire you to try this natural trend out.

By incorporating natural elements to your accessories, you’ll be able to feel a closer connection to nature. A lot of the wooden accessories incorporate different types of wood such as pine, fir and Sapele wood. They come in many different variations and shades depending on the type of style that you’re going for. If you’re looking for a darker wood type, go for Sapele since it’s also waterproof.

Check out these cool rings to accessorize with your next outfit.

They Make for Great Wedding Rings

Looking for an alternative kind of wedding ring? Try out these wooden rings with chunks of precious stones. It has an emerald wedged into its circle and it fits perfectly in the look of the ring. It’s a delicate and special look for a wedding ring that you simply won’t be able to take your eyes off from.

Classic and Simple

Wooden rings can also complement your look with its classic and simple appearance. We’re in love with the color of this wood and how shiny and clean it is. There’s a certain craftsmanship that goes into each ring – so you’ll be wearing a piece of art every time.