Keep Track of All the Places You’ve Ever Been to With Scratch Maps

Travel enthusiasts often decorate their bedroom with a huge travel map, which reminds them of all the places they’ve seen. Keeping track of all the places you’ve visited just got easier and more exciting thanks to amazing invention called scratch maps.

Just like the name suggests, this visionary product allows you to mark the countries you visited by removing gold scratch foil from your map to reveal more vibrant color. It’s one of the best possible ways to keep a track of your travels, but it also has the power to inspire you to explore the world even more than ever before.

Several variations of these maps are available on the market right now, but the company Luckies of London started it all in 2009. Their creative director Xavier Unwin came up with the idea to create a personalized record of your travels around the world during six months of backpacking around South East Asia and Australia.

Scratch maps were born, and they allowed everyone who gets one to create a completely unique map by marking the world with their own adventures. Luckies of London has since expended their family of scratch products, and it now includes globes, travel editions, clear versions, supersized and region specific posters.
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