Start Your Own Home Gym With These 3 Essentials

Photo by Form on Unsplash

Many people have a hard time convincing themselves to exercise at home, but things get easier when you have your own home gym. Building one can take hundreds of bucks, but you can always start small by getting a couple of essentials everyone needs to get in shape.

Basic Weights

Dumbbells, kettlebell or barbell – if you’re trying to build muscle at home, you’ll need at least one of these. If you’re new to the whole thing, dumbbells are the safest place to start, and you can easily get an upgrade as you go along.

Fitness Ball

The list of exercises you can plan around a fitness ball is pretty much endless, and buying one is an amazing investment you should certainly make.

Yoga Mat

Exercising on hard surfaces can put stress on your joints and simply using your carpet isn’t the best idea, since you’ll get it all sweaty. Yoga mat will provide you with the comfort you need –plus it doesn’t take a lot of space since you can roll it up and put it anywhere.