The Definitive Guide to the Perfect Winged Eyeliner

Photo by on Unsplash

OK, enough is enough. It’s about time we all just learned how to do our winged eyeliner and be done with it.

No more wet wipes, cotton buds or giving up altogether. And no more staying home because the frustration of trying to get them even is just too much and you “didn’t even feel like going out to begin with anyway.”

We’re finally going to establish step by step how to achieve the perfect cat-eye.

STEP ONE: Dot Your Line

Before you start coating your upper lids in thick liner, dot where you want the liner to go. Dividing the job into sections makes it way easier to leave no gaps. When it comes to the wing, draw an imaginary line from the corner of your eye to the end of your eyebrow. Draw a dot about halfway up this imaginary line, depending on how extra you want your wings to be.

STEP TWO: Connect the Dots

Next, you want to draw on your wings. Start from your inner eye and work out to the wing. Use the dots to create an outer line for you to fill in later. The purpose of creating the line is so that you get the shape right and don’t have to keep filling in the other eye with thicker eyeliner so that it is even.

STEP THREE: Fill Everything In

Lastly, you want to fill everything in. Start from the middle of your eye and work your way out. Leave no gaps and do your best not to go outside the line. If you did your dots and outline right, your winged eyeliner will automatically be even.

And that’s it. That’s how you achieve the perfect winged eye. If you smudge, use a Q-tip to amend any mistakes.

Follow this technique and you can finally get the perfect winged eyeliner that you were starting to believe just wasn’t on the cards for you.