These Things Can Really Annoy Your Hairdresser

We all know how hard it can be to find a good hairdresser that you can totally trust. You shouldn’t take this for granted, so make sure you don’t do any of the things from the list that can totally annoy your hairstylist.

Canceling At The Very Last Minute

It’s okay to cancel your appointment, but not if you do it at the last minute. It’s only polite to give your hairdresser a 24-hour notice if you won’t be able to show up.

Showing Up Late

This is probably the worst thing you can do, as you’re inevitably changing your hairdresser’s schedule and this can be very frustrating! That’s why it’s best to come 5-10 minutes before the appointment.

Talking On The Phone

This is rude and it can also frustrate your hairdresser if you’re constantly talking or even worse, moving your head. This makes their job a lot harder and you may not be satisfied with your haircut in the end.

Not Knowing What You Want

You cannot get a good haircut if you don’t know what you want. Even the best hairdresser in the world is not capable of guessing what you want, so find a few photos of the exact haircut you want to avoid misunderstandings.