Follow These Rules When Going to the Gym

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If you’re new to the gym, you might not be aware of the secret code of conduct that is enforced at this place. Here are three unspoken rules everyone should follow during their workout.

Give People Space

Equipment at the gym doesn’t belong to you, so make sure to give other people time to use it. Also remember not to spend too much time hanging around the dumbbells area, because you might be standing in someone’s away.

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Hello, 🇫🇷Aujourd’hui training bras ! Faisons travailler un peu ses biceps ! 💪Les biceps se trouvent au niveau de la partie antérieure du bras et sont constitués de trois muscles principaux : le biceps brachial, le brachial, et le coracobrachial. – Le biceps brachial permet la flexion du coude et la rotation de l’avant bras. C’est un muscle superficiel, c’est celui qui forme le galbe du bras. – Le brachial Il est situé sous le biceps brachial, sur la partie basse du bras, et agit lors de la flexion du coude. – Le coracobrachial, lui, agit lors de l’élévation et l’adduction du bras. Vous pouvez travailler vos bras avce des exercices aussi bien d’isolation tel que le curl (incliné, au pupitre, à la barre, à la poulie, avec haltères, en prise marteau, etc…) Bref vous l’aurez compris il existe une multitude de variantes du curl. Ou avec des exerices polyarticulaires tel que les tractions en supination ! Et vous quoi de beau de prévu ~ Fittement evolufit ~ 🇬🇧Today it’s arms training! Let's work a little bit this biceps! Biceps are at the anterior part of the arm and consist of three main muscles: the brachial biceps, the brachialis, and the coracobrachial. – The brachial biceps allows the bending of the elbow and the rotation of the forearm. It’s a superficial muscle, it’s the one that forms the curve of the arm. – The brachialis is located under the brachial biceps, on the lower part of the arm, and acts during the bending of the elbow. – The coracobrachial, acts during the elevation and adduction of the arm. You can work your arms with isolation exercises such as curl (inclined, with bar, with pulley, with dumbbells, hammer, etc …) In short you will understand there is a multitude of curl variants. Or with polyarticular exercises such as supine traction! And you ? What will you workout today ? ~ Fittement evolufit ~ ©️photo : @urbiha40 Outfit : @gymshark @gymsharkwomen

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Clean After Yourself

All the equipment at the gym is shared, so try to wipe it down once you’re done with it. It’s very unpleasant to see someone’s sweaty puddle on the equipment you want to use, and try your best not to be the person who’s leaving it behind.

Don’t Judge Others

Some people are not moving at the same pace as you are, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Mind your own business and avoid interrupting other people’s progress. Gym can be very intimidating place for some people and try your best not to make it worse.