Why Pilates is a Great Form of Exercise

Are you bored with the gym and looking for something more to motivate you? Have you had the same fitness regime for the past five years and you feel like you aren’t progressing? Pilates could be the answer for you. It’s so good for your body, both inside and out. You will notice the difference in your muscles and the way you hold your body after a few classes. Pilates is amazing for defining your abs and lengthening your body.

Joseph Pilates founded the technique and opened his first studio in 1926; it was aimed at the dance community and then in the 90s everyone started trying it. It’s a low impact workout that focuses on your core strength, increasing your flexibility and improving your alignment. When you are over the HIIT workouts and heavy weight lifting this slower form of fitness can be really appealing.

There are two forms of Pilates; the mat, where most exercises are performed on the floor or standing up or machine pilates, the Reformer. Mat is great for beginners and then when you learn more coordination from the exercises you should move to the Reformer.


Women can do Pilates whilst pregnant as it’s low impact, but very effective. You will see results after about 10 classes and you’ll work on your own level throughout the classes.

If you are really looking for something new this year, then give Pilates a try and see how much your body transforms.