How to Control Your Frizz

Unwanted frizz is a thing of the past with these amazing products. The old style was to tackle frizz was with serums, but now they have added leave-in conditioners, oils, shampoos, and even wipes that keep your hair frizz-free. Here are some of the best ones out there for you to go out with beautiful hair and not have to worry.

Living Proof No Frizz Instant De-Frizzer

This new addition to the no frizz line is a spray-on dry conditioning to help tame those frizzy flyaways that just won’t lie down. For straight hair spray it on your hair and smooth it with a comb and with curly hair squeeze the section you sprayed to catch that frizz.

Ouai Anti-Frizz Hair Sheets

Ouai made these anti-frizz hair sheets that are so good for keeping your hair on point when you are out and about. Keep one in your handbag at all times so you never have a hair emergency again.

John Frieda Original Serum

This is one of the most effective and affordable ways to fight frizz. This is a heat protectant and a frizz repellent in one. Add to wet hair and it will make your hair shine whilst protecting it from the outside forces that increase frizz.

Moroccan Oil Frizz Control

This spray by Moroccan Oil contains argan oil which works wonders on overprocessed hair. Just spray a little on your hair to smooth the frizz and keep it smooth and manageable.