Why You Should Be Visiting Your Neighborhood Butcher More

Butchers might be seen as something not relevant anymore, but in reality, they are more important than ever. People think that butchers are only for people who have the time and money to buy their meat from a butcher, but after this, you’ll be running to your local butcher.


Some people are right to say that a butcher can charge more than a supermarket for meat. However, buying meat from a butcher can also save you money by offering you a wider variety of cheap cuts of meat a grocery store won’t sell. You can also just ask the butcher for a cheap cut of meat and they’ll point you in the right direction.


Since butchers normally butcher the whole animal themselves they try to sell every part of it, which means they create a lot less waste than a supermarket. Industrialized meat throws away a lot of the animal, which does not only create more waste, it means they go through more animals, which isn’t good for the environment.


If you’re someone who doesn’t know how to cook meat well, all you have to do is ask the butcher what you should with the meat. They will often know how to make it taste the best since they are so familiar with the product.

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