3 Beauty ‘Mistakes’ that are Easy to Fix

Image via Pexels

Sometimes those beauty mistakes you make are not as costly as you think. Here are some creative ways to counter those mistakes.

It is easy for mascara to end up under your eyes when applying it to your lower lashes. Instead of trying to wipe it off, use a cotton swab to blend it in instead and it will look like a smokey eye-liner. You don’t waste any mascara and it gives you a sultry, bad girl look.


Shopping online makes it easy to buy the wrong shade of foundation or concealer. It may be too light or too dark. Rather than sending it back or just not using it at all, use it for different things, such as a base for eyeshadow.

This will not only help your eyeshadow stay on for longer but it can also be used to tone down or turn up its color.

If you’ve dropped a highlighter or powder eyeshadow compact and the compact is cracked, don’t just toss it out or let it lie at the bottom of your drawer.

If you’ve broken a few, you can blend the shades and make your own custom color. Another idea is to add the powder to a clear lip gloss for your own customized shade.