Best Instagram Accounts for Workout Inspo

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Squats_and_Samosas – Dee Gautham

Not only does Dee post full specialized workouts in a succession of short, descriptive videos, but she also runs a free Facebook group called (#Liftwithdee) where she posts challenges, and other members can post about their progress.

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Starting out with weights is hard. You feel awkward that people are staring at you. You’re not sure if you’re doing the moves right and feel dumb. There are gorgeous fit people everywhere and you think they are judging you for being out of shape. . Trust me, I used to feel like this too when I got started. . But let me remind you of this: > Literally no one is actually staring at you. Everyone is on their phones. > Even if someone glances over, do you REALLY think that you are SO important that they are going to spend their precious time and brain space sitting there thinking about you, and what you look like? >> Do you REALLY think the dudes at the gym sit there laughing at you and then go home and tell all their friends about how your form looked on the bicep curl? . People have so much shit going on in their own heads and they are not spending their time thinking about you!! . You are a 2-second thought blip in their ENTIRE DAY. No offense. . If you are serious about shedding fat FAST and toning up your body, you will need to be lifting weights to do that. . Get a plan and start. A custom plan for your body is going to be more effective than a random one. Download the free dumbbell PDF in my bio if you want some fun workouts to start with! . Or try this leg workout! Do 4×12 each move, rest 60s between sets: 1️⃣ Lunges with a kick up (Squeeze the at the top) 2️⃣ Sumo squat (on smith machine) 3️⃣ Glute kickback machine 4️⃣ Sumo squat w/ kettle bell . >> I’ve been getting a lot of Qs on Eat Slay Love & training – YES, it’s a nutrition focused program because nutrition is the #1 driver of fat loss. BUT, you can add on custom training program if you want to. ** This is your ONLY opportunity to work with me hands on to blast fat + tone up outside of my private 1:1 for some time, so you don’t want to miss out. Early bird pricing ending soon. DM for details, Spots are filling fast! Xx . #legswithdee #liftwithdee

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Kaylee posts lots of doable workouts often, so you can switch up your routine and never get bored. Kaylee also created her own training program, Train with Kaylee, offering full body and specific muscle group programs for an attractive price.

Gizemozdem1 – Gizem Cercioglu Ozdem

Gizem posts Pilates and yoga-heavy videos that allow you to copy her poses, which range from doable… to jaw-droppable. But it’s fun to follow along with her stretches and see how far you can go!

Lyfitness_ – Lucy Yates

Lucy shares a variety of workouts that you can do both at the gym and at home. She also gives advice on how to blend workouts into vacations and everyday life. Follow Lucy for inspiration and helpful workout tips.